Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Attempting Lake Amador

Lake Amador is a small reservoir located outside of Sacramento in Amador County. There isn't much to the lake aside from its self-claim as one of the most planted trout lakes in California. The lake use to plant a unique strain of trout called the Donaldson trout however it's been years since the last plant. The Donaldson trout is a "super trout" that was created through selective breeding between strains of both cutthroat and rainbow trout. These unique trout made Lake Amador famous whereas they were known to grow into hefty, hard-fighting, and trophy fish. As far as I know these fish have not been planted since the drought.

I've been meaning to check Amador out for a while now and though my chances of catching a trophy trout were very low, there were plenty of planted Mt. Lassen rainbows to target... or so I thought.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

New Year's Beach Day

We are all finally in 2018 and what's a better way to start a new year than taking a trip to the beach? Stinson Beach as always was our destination and we were set for some fun in the sun.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Fort Bragg Crabbing & Surf Fishing Mini-Moon

The ocean dwelling Dungeness crab is one of my most favorite things to eat. My family traditionally cooks it as a Thai soup dish with lemongrass, garlic, thai peppers, and a spicy paste called tom yum; both the spiciness and warmth are perfect for a cold winters day dinner.

As far as I can remember we've always bought Dungeness crab at the market but have caught them using pots off a pier in Crescent City a long time ago. All I remember during the trip was that it was cold, dark, and miserable. It's been over twenty years since I've caught a fresh Dungeness crab and with so many visits to the beach this year I've final caught the itch to try and learn how to catch a few keeper crabs for myself.