Thursday, May 21, 2020

Yarn Dying Adventure

I've been on a bit of a bass fishing fix and have been working on tying different bass patterns. One of the patterns that I've been wanting to tie and use for the longest time is Rich's Ultimate Worm. This worm pattern greatly resembles the Yamamoto Senko worm that many gear anglers successfully use for bucketmouth bass. The yarn used for this pattern, Patons Bohemian Yarn, is extremely difficult to find due to being discontinued several years ago however I managed to get my hands on three different colors wandering wines (purple), coral sunrise (pink), and artistic taupe (brown). Although I was confident that these colors would work I wanted to tie a green pattern because the green senko is the most popular color and the color I used the most when I fished with gear. With no green bohemian yarn for sale or in my collection my grand idea was to try and dye the colors I already had, except one thing.
I had never dyed yarn before.

Friday, May 8, 2020

My Last Outing Before Becoming Essential

I've been on paternity leave for almost 8 weeks now and next week my work life resumes. It's been great being able to take care of baby and things around the house without worrying about going to work. All good things must come to and end but before it ends I needed one last fishing outing that would satisfy my thirst for adventure. Somewhere new that had fish...

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Shad Experimentation

For the last couple of days I've have been spending a few hours on the Feather River fishing for American shad. The fishing has been pretty good and despite the hoards of folks out due to COVID19 there appears to be plenty of fish for everyone to catch. So far I've been pretty successful and even had my first double digit shad day. Hooking and fighting an American shad is always fun but for me every shad I catch wears off a bit of the novelty. To keep myself from getting too bored of the shad run I've been experimenting with different patterns and trying to come up with my own "hot" shad patterns.