Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Fall Pilgrimage To The Eastern Sierras

The Eastern Sierras is what I would consider to be fly fishing country in California. With an average elevation of over +6000ft, a large majority of rivers, lakes, and streams in this part of the state hosts wild populations of rainbow, brown, brook, and even cutthroat trout. The Eastern Sierras is every fly angler's dream and should be on their bucket list as a place to take a pilgrimage.

I've taken the pilgrimage to the Eastern Sierras twice so far once in the fall and the other during the early spring. It's beautiful country out there and the fishing can be spectacular if you hit it just right. This recent visit to the Eastern Sierras wasn't as grand as my last three day visit two years ago however exploring new waters and getting away from it all in the majestic outdoors made up for the lackluster fishing.

Monday, September 9, 2019

The Feel Of Fall

Fall appears to be on its way as temperatures during the afternoon and night have dropped by about ten degrees. The fall is every fly angler's favorite season because it means migrating fish, low flows, and comfortable weather. I myself am a fan. My calendar for this fall is booked and I am looking forward to exploring new places.
While I waiting for time to pass I've been fishing the Yuba River. The fishing has been quite good with the lowered flows and cooler temperatures. Not a whole lot of people fishing the Yuba yet which means more fish for those who find them.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Plumas County Summer Stream Hopping

August can often be one of the warmest months in Northern California. The average temperature this time of the year usually ranges from the low 90s to triple digits making the heat miserable for both anglers and fish. This summer however has been a bit of an exception. The large snowpack that we received during the winter and spring has helped provide cooler water for fish giving anglers more time than previous years to purse their fishy friends.
I spent my last weekend in Plumas County, a recipient of this cool water blessing, and got into some of the best fishing I've had this time of summer in a long time.