Sunday, August 31, 2014

Yet More Fun On The Feather

Hot Steel

A buddy of mine had the day off of honey-dos so we decided to fish the Feather in the morning. Although he didn't have as much luck as I did he was able to fish new waters with steelhead potential.
Weekends must be combat fishing days at the Feather River Outlet because there were at least 20+ people out casting hardware at holding salmon. Its always pretty much a shitshow.

Feather River
The smaller fish kept me on my toes throughout the day. I gave some of the better spots to my buddy so he could get into some steel for the season but I don't think he covered the water well enough. I caught several fish and lost a big take in water that he should have caught something in. I'll have to help him with his steelheading techniques the next time.

I fished a run with an egg and hooked my first fall-run steelhead. It was pretty exciting as we both thought it was a snagged salmon at first. It made its run and ripped a bunch of line out but I was able to reel some line in. I almost broke it off but decided to fish it instead. I'm glad I did.
Overall a fair day.

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