Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Morning Football

A small one?

The Valley Steelhead... here are some of their characteristics:
1. Football Shaped
2. Run around 16" - 24"
3. Weighing 4 - 8 pounds

Catching anything bigger than that I would considered a rare and trophy. I've caught a nice 22'' but I'm a greedy bastard. I know there's a bigger fish out there just waiting for me to land it.

Feather River
I've read a few reports that the bite has been slow this year which is totally the truth. 90% of my fish have been wild and the next wave of fish towards November should be the hatchery run. The hatchery fish are keepable which provides the opportunity of running into a trophy or a welcomed dinner. Hatchery fish don't seem to fight as hard as the wild ones but they are still fun to catch. Fishing is still tough and getting up at 5am pays off a lot. Its either get up early or get skunked.

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