Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Still Murky and High

Crazy High Flow Below NF Trinity
The rivers are dropping but still too murky to be in optimal fishing conditions. The Trinity trip was turned into a day trip after seeing that the flows were way too high and murky to fish. It hasn't been the greatest time for fishing rivers and streams for me.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Storm After Tomorrow

Well it was fun while it lasted. I watched as the "Storm of the Century" passed through and blow out all the valley rivers and streams. I kept track of the flows and it was pretty fun watching them reach such high flows in such a short amount of time. Looks like there is some snow up in the mountains and my family that's in Quincy said they got over 9'' of snow. It doesn't show signs of stopping as the rains continue to fall every other day until next week? I should probably learn how to fish for winter bass or get more confident at fishing muddy streams because it'll probably be like this for a while.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Just One More Before The Storm

Just one more please?
So tonight the storm of the century is suppose to roll in. Winds over 60 MPH and over 1-2 inches of rain is forecast. As I write this there is very little excitement going on outside as the weather is currently just wet and cold in Chico. Hopefully this storm will live up to its media hype.This storm of course means that a lot of rivers will be blown out the whazoo and the fishing will be on hold for at least a week or maybe two. D-:

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Steelhead Report Card Statistics and Updated Fly Box

2014 Steelhead Report Card

To fish for steelhead in California you need to purchase a Steelhead Report Card for around $7. It's not much and is more of an entry ticket to fish for one of the greatest freshwater gamefish in the world than a fee. You have to "BEFORE YOU FISH" enter where you are fishing and date it. Once you're done fishing, you indicate how many you caught and kept (if you kept), what kind you caught (hatchery or wild), and worst of all, how many hours you fished.

First Winter Storm Blowout, On a Lighter Note The Christmas Spirit

Feisty Lil Hatchery Half-Pounder

After a few days of solely tying flies I decide it was time to get out and wet my line. I recently received a new St. Criox Imperial rod to replace the one I broke and I wanted to "break" it in. The weather for the day called for thunderstorms and the previous day was more overcast than rain. I was hoping for more of the same but got a crap ton of water dumped on me while I was out instead. Figures.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Butte Creek Silver

Beautiful Wild Winter Steel
This Saturday I landed my first Butte Creek steelhead. A nice 20'' fish on a 3wt. It just goes to show that there are steelhead that run through Butte Creek and if you work the river hard enough you just might strike silver. Steelhead can be very hard to find in this creek so I'm sure a lot of anglers who know where to look keep the locations top secret.