Friday, January 30, 2015

First Feather River Below Hatchery Visit of 2015

Apparently there was some spawning bed work near the hatchery last year and I wanted to check it out and try my luck. There has been improvement on spawning habitat below the hatchery outlet to the end of the long run with new holding holes and shallow gravel beds for spawning fish. During my visit is was almost like learning a new section of the river again. The new contours will put the fish in different places.

It was an overcasted Tuesday morning and there were lots of bugs out. I didn't get there early but as the day progressed more and more anglers started to show up. It went from about two including me to at least eight anglers. The flow was higher than it usually was, enough to flush out the small stuff, and I didn't see a single salmon fry while I was there. I did see three or four steelhead jump but they weren't taking anyone's flies. I also witness one guy hook up only to lose it within a second.
The fish are there but they are under so much pressure that even on a day where the conditions are perfect they won't bite. I swung flies most of the day and nymphed a little to try to figure the puzzle out but in the end nothing worked.

This section usually produces but with the high pressure, spawning bed construction, and drought conditions, I don't think the fishing will get better anytime soon. Last years run wasn't the best steelhead or salmon run either so that doesn't help.
There are always steelhead in the Feather River so I'm sure if I look I'll be able to find a few that are willing to play.

There was also some bum that wanted a dollar from me. After I told him I didn't have any, he waited probably an hour in his car for me to come back up to ask me again. I was packing up to head out and now he is asking for two dollars. I told him I don't carry cash then he drove off.
If I don't want to give you a dollar what makes you think I'm going to give you two dollars?
Don't ask Asians for money for you will get nothing. Stay classy Oroville.

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