Thursday, January 8, 2015

Goals and What To Look Forward To In 2015

Here are some of the things I'm looking forward to for 2015:

1. Swinging for shad on a switch rod

2. Hex Hatch

3. Trinity River Summer Run

4. Pyramid Lake in the Spring

5. Chasing Carp

6. Spring Crappie Bite

7. Yuba Skwala Hatch

Here are my goals for 2015.

1. Understanding and getting better at stillwater fly fishing

2. Understanding and getting better at fly fishing for bass.

3. Get a 8'6'' 5wt Rod

4. Explore different sections of rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes.
-Middle Fork Feather River
-North Fork Feather River
-Thermalito Afterbay
-Yuba River
-Yuba Goldfields
-Sacramento River

5. Fish the: Upper Sacramento River, McCloud River, American River, Pit River, Hat Creek, Davis Lake, Manzanita Lake

I'm really focused on getting to know my bass counterpart. Trophy 10# bass are harder to come by than trout up here in Northern California but I definitely want to try and catch one close to that come prespawn.
I am extremely confident in fishing moving waters therefore I want to try and work on my stillwater fly fishing. Although I am slightly familiar with fishing stillwaters, I want to be as confident in it as I am with my river and stream fishing. Time to make that float tube go to work.

Hows The Fishing You Say?

The Sac River outside Chico is murky. I swung some winter steelhead patterns and had one nice take that I lost. I landed a sucker with a midge dropper. The suckers out there were jumping all over the place most likely getting ready for their spawn in early early spring.

I went out to Lake Oroville with my good ole spinning rod to try and find some trout or coho but I had no luck. The water level is at 1,374,733.1 AF which a hell of a lot higher than it was a few months ago but the fish weren't there. I usually stop catching them this time of the year anyway but it was worth a shot. Caught a spotted bass.

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