Sunday, March 1, 2015

Another Personal Best

Lucky Horseshoe Trophy

Horseshoe Lake
When I woke up this morning I did not expect I'd be fishing today let alone catch a new personal best. What an awesome surprise.
My girlfriend needed me to drop her off at the hair saloon at around 11am so I had about an hour to go out and wet my line before I had to go back and pick her up. I thought maybe I'd give Horseshoe Lake a shot. It should be warm enough today and maybe I could entice something to bite. I picked up a few flies that I had tied for the lake and set off.

As the days grow longer and warmer more people are starting to head outdoors. Upper Bidwell was pretty crowded and busy. This migration of people can often lead to owners letting their dogs splash around in the water and spooking the fish. Not good for me. There were a lot of people out today, but they were all very considerate and respectful.

I set up my rod, tied on a fly, and headed out to the bank. My second cast out I get a take. It's a big fish probably a catfish the way its fighting. After a few seconds it jumps and then I realize, its a not a catfish, its a big ass bass. I fought her like a pro keeping my line tight and letting her run until I finally landed her and gripped her by the jaw. Admiring this fish in my hand reality finally hit me, holy crap this is a big fish. She was probably around 5-6 pounds. I have always heard rumors about there being 10 pounders in the lake but I never believed it was a possibility until now. My shoes and pants were wet from getting into the water to pick her up and let her go but wow was it worth it. A new personal best and achievement completed for the year.
A trophy bass.

Ellis Lake

I went home to Marysville and had the chance to fish Ellis Lake. After catching a trophy the previous day and the following today I wanted to keep trying my luck. Unfortunately it ran out. I did not get a single take but a skunk on a fly rod is always a lesson learned.

There is a full moon coming March 5th. With the unusual warm weather this year the bass will start migrating on to their beds a little earlier than usual. This move should turn on the fishing and give me another shot for a personal best breaker.

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  1. BRO! I had no idea that there were bass, let alone hawgs in that lake! I'm definitely fishing it next time I head up!