Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Break: Day 4

Anglers Cove
Day 4: Not A Crappie Day
At the last minute I decided I wanted to go chase some crappie out on Black Butte Reservoir. The last time I was out there it was about two years ago. Taking this trip got me into some trouble but live and learn.

The water temperature was still pretty chilly but the air temperature was around 80 degrees. I was wet wading without my neoprene socks which is pretty ridiculous considering it's only mid March. The lake is looking great in comparison to last summer where it was bone dry. I fished from early noon to dusk but couldn't find any crappie. There were anglers coming in and out but their body language told me they got skunked. I managed to catch a few juvenile bass near cover and found a bunch of sunbathing carp in a small creek. Overall I would say it was a good trip with the exception of no crappie caught. I'm starting to get that still-water confidence as my still-water trips have all been successful so far.

Lil Bass
My interpretation of crappie is that they are basically just bluegills that school tighter and hold at different depths from time to time. Finding them is the hardest part but once you find them you can have a limit within a few hours. Gotta look for the magic bush.
I'll have to try again soon. I know there out there.

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