Thursday, September 24, 2015

Checking In On The Feather

Empty Outlet!
The water is cold and the salmon are in, but where are the steelhead? I took some time to scout out the Feather and what I found wasn't too exciting. Usually about this time of the year I start finding fall-run steelhead on the Feather, however after fishing the entire day with several different flies and methods I didn't get any takes. Although I was fishing 92 degree sunny and clear skies in the afternoon, I'm sure if there was a fish around they would have taken my flies right?

My day began in the high-flow section where I tried targeting salmon for the first time. After a few hours of swinging and covering water I finally gave up and decided to switch to a target that would be more willing to bite, steelhead. From about 12pm - 5pm, I literally covered the entire river and didn't get a single hit! Again, where the hell are all the steelhead?

Good Fishing Weather In The Morning

The weather was pretty good in the morning with overcasts here and there but once the sun came out it started to get really bright and hot. I don't have very much luck fishing for steelhead during a bright sunny afternoon and it totally showed today. For some reason it's always a morning or overcast thing with these fish.

Hangin Out With The Salmon

There are a few salmon holding in the Outlet Hole but other than that the high-flow section is barren. Most of the salmon have made their way to the low-flow section where they have been competing for mates and digging redds. There are significantly less returning fish than last year so be mindful of where you step.

Guides and anglers are predicting that this Feather River steelhead season will be late again and possibly short. We need a good rain to get the season started because as of right now nothing is really happening. Maybe I'll try again soon in the morning to see if that makes any difference. If that doesn't work then I'll have to wait until Mother Nature stirs up some weather. I'm sure they are in there somewhere...

Didn't Get Skunked Though, Yellow Steelhead Action

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