Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Spiritual Rejuvenation On The Trinity

This Is What I Need
Sometimes life can get to even the best of us. The stressors of work, finances, and future planning are some of the prices we have to pay in to live successfully in society. Someday all these stressors will hit you and you will start to feel lost, afraid, and stressed out of your mind. As you continue living each scripted day you build up these emotions until one day you can't take it anymore.

This is when I know, it's time to take a trip. Somewhere where I can be alone and free. Free of responsibilities and rules. A place where I can forget about the world and just fish. A place where I can spiritually cleanse all of my problems and begin anew.
The Trinity River. This is my place of spiritual rejuvenation.

As Scenic As Can Be

The Trinity is a river that you can't do all in one day. The river is 165 miles long and has a ton of turnouts and access points. The many campgrounds along the river serve as a resting ground for a good trout bumming trip.

Steelhead Green Conditions

Steelhead green. This is the color of perfect water conditions on our coastal rivers.

The Swing Is The Thing

Swinging flies in Douglas City. I love the feeling of a tight-line getting hit straight onto the reel.

More Like Half-Pinter

As the salmon run up the river, the steelhead, both adults and half-pounders, follow them up. The chrome invasion begins! Ranging between 8'' - 20'' these fresh feisty silver bullets will jump, run, and fight!

Dinner of Champions: Jerky, Rice, and Water

Truly a trout bum's dinner.

Woke Up A Few Times. But Slept Well?

Welcome to the Comfort Camry. The stay is free and easily set up but will be borderline uncomfortable. Much better than driving in the Trinity Canyon at night though.

Trinity @ Hoopa

Hoopa is one of my top destinations on the Trinity. Here is why:

1. This is where I catch the most fish.
2. Fishing pressure is very low.
3. A ton of good riffles and runs.
4. You can smell the ocean.
5. The fish coming in are as fresh as they get. The chromer the better.

True Half-Pound Chromer

Fighting a fresh half-pounder can be pretty tough. More often than not you will lose but there will be times when you finally land one only to admire it, release it, breathe, and say "Damn that was a nice fish".

Yellow-Legged Frogs

The Trinity shares it life with many other species as well.

Till The Next Time We Meet

Life is too short. Keep calm and fly fish.

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