Friday, November 20, 2015

Taking It Easy In November

First Fish In Over A Week. Goin' Crazy Here

Oh November. Trout season is now over and those who are itching to wet their lines have begun migrating to fish waters that are open year around. As fly anglers we can often forget our fishing etiquette as we begin to find other anglers in our favorite runs and riffles during these cold months. Instead of becoming frustrated that someone else is in your honey hole, visit it later during the day and remind yourself that that angler is there to enjoy themselves just like you... unless they hog the run for the entire day...

Friday, November 6, 2015

Feather River Steelheading Tips & Fall Run Fun

Fall Run Football Fatties

The Feather River is one of the many prime destination to fish during the fall steelhead run. As one of the main tributaries of the Sacramento River, the Feather River has one of the highest returns of salmon and steelhead in the valley. Although gear anglers don't focus on steelhead much until the stretch between the hatchery and HWY 70 bridge opens up in January, fly anglers are hot on these fall chrome domes from September to December.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Insta-Winter In Plumas County

North Fork @ Caribou Road

California got its first taste of El NiƱo on Monday when the first true rainstorm of the fall swept over the valley and Sierras. This storm resulted in a bit of snow at elevations above 5,000ft which was pretty awesome to see. It is typical for the Sierras to start getting really cold in November; last week in October the high was in the low sixties and now in November the current high is in the upper forties.

For the past few days I have been house-sitting for my in-laws in Quincy. By using their house as a base of operations, I had the opportunity to explore and fish around Plumas County. The streams I checked in at were Butt Creek, the North Fork, and the Upper North Fork of the Feather River.