Friday, November 20, 2015

Taking It Easy In November

First Fish In Over A Week. Goin' Crazy Here

Oh November. Trout season is now over and those who are itching to wet their lines have begun migrating to fish waters that are open year around. As fly anglers we can often forget our fishing etiquette as we begin to find other anglers in our favorite runs and riffles during these cold months. Instead of becoming frustrated that someone else is in your honey hole, visit it later during the day and remind yourself that that angler is there to enjoy themselves just like you... unless they hog the run for the entire day...

I've been taking it easy due to some personal stuff but I have been able to get out once or twice a week. I've visited the Feather and the Yuba with less than stellar results. Salmon season was late this year so the egg bite continues; it also helps that fish can be caught in these two rivers all year around. Chasing steelies or native bows never ends.

Visiting Hammon Grove For The First Time

I checked the levees in hopes to do some fall/early winter bass sight fishing but they have all migrated to deeper water. Looks like I won't be ripping any lips until spring.

There are a few half-pounders in the Feather that have been teasing me by sipping small flies on top all day. I've thrown over a dozen different patterns at them with no take. These trout are so confident that they don't even spook when anglers come near them. Most of the fishing pressure in that spot is created by gear anglers therefore these fish have no reason to be afraid.

Today I finally caught one after going through a few patterns I tied. For over three hours I cast and switched flies becoming ever more frustrated as the 7-10MPH wind screwed with my presentation. There was one fly left that I wasn't sure they were going to take interest in. I told myself, "If they don't take this fly I'm going to head out."
After a few casts I watched as this 12'' half-pounder swam to examine and eat my dry. Fish on! The immature steelhead made two awesome head-shaking jumps as I played it with my 2wt

Half-Pound Dry Fly Eater

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