Monday, January 4, 2016

Starting The Year Right!

Rocky North Coast

The missus' is a New Year baby and for her birthday this year we decide to take a trip to the coast. We both had a lot of fun exploring the gigantic redwoods and roaring saltwater coast. I tried some surf fly fishing for the first time but got skunked. Hit and miss, winter fly fishing at its finest!

Giant Redwood

Patrick's Point is one of our favorite camping sites along the coast. The facility is open all-year around and has a ton of trails and things to see. Winter isn't the greatest time to go camping but the coast remains relatively cool and tolerable if you time the weather right.

Tidepool Fun

Apparently There Are No Fish In The Ocean

After doing some research about surf perch and reading the surf, I tried surf fly fishing for the first time at Agate Beach. My excuse for getting skunked is that winter surf fishing can be a hit and miss. Favorable conditions come far in-between during the winter and with an incoming storm approaching I was really fighting the odds. By the time I gave up the swells were huge and too dangerous to fish. Hopefully I can get back out there during a different season and catch me my first saltwater fish.

First Fish of 2016

My first fish of 2016 was a trout caught with a bugger on the Yuba River. I swung flies the entire day in the rain. It was miserable.

Here is a list of things I want to accomplish in 2016:

1. This year I am going to try and work on innovating and learning more rather than focus on catching fish.

2. Adding a fly box page with patterns that I've come up with and others that have worked for me.

3. Improve and gain confidence in techniques that I don't often use such as dry fly fishing and swinging.

4. Complete the Trout Heritage Challenge.

5. Fish the Upper Sacramento River, American River, and the King's River.

6. Find new fishing spots around Marysville/Yuba City.

7. Catch a Truckee River brown trout.

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