Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dinsmores Split Shot Review

One Little Split Shot Makes All The Difference

Getting your flies to the bottom is absolutely essential when fishing subsurface and anglers need to always carry a couple of split shots to get the job done. There are a lot of split shot products out there but most are cheap, not reusable, and slide down the leader.

After going through a few brands I finally found Dinsmore split shots that are the greatest things in fly fishing since marabou feathers.

Love These Split Shots

Dinsmores is a UK based company that specializes in producing non-toxic fishing tackle. Although a lot of their products are unavailable in the US, their best product, the Dinsmores split shot, can be found available at most local fly shops.

Sizes AB, BB, #1, #4, #8

The Look
  • Dinsmores split shots are egg styled and come in a variety of sizes from a bigger than average AA to tiny No. 8.
  • Coated with dark or light green paint in efforts to be less noticeable to fish.
  • The dispenser feels fancy and is well made.
The Feel
  • For being tin based, these split shots feel a lot more dense than any other tin split shots I've used. Other tin split shots I've used feel way too light.

In Practice
  • Dinsmores split shots are environmentally-friendly and lead free. I bite down my split shots 95% of the time and luckily these split shots are safe to do so.
  • If pinched down tight enough, these split shots will stay in place until your done fishing them. No more sliding up or down the leader.
  • Freshly bought split shots need to be pried open to get the best effect.
  • After I'm done using a split shot or need to readjust with a smaller or bigger one, I put the used ones in my vest or pack. When I get home I use my pliers to pinch and pry open my used split shots for future use.

Prying Open Refill Shots


When I first started fly fishing I went through several brands of split shots to figure out which worked the best. The cheap lead split shots that I used when I fished conventional gear didn't make the cut anymore. After going through a few cheapo brands I finally tried Dinsmores split shots after eyeing them at the local fly shop.

These split shots are the best split shots I've found for fly fishing. Dinsmores split shots stay put on tiny 6x leaders, won't slide up or down if pinched down tight, are reusable after a long day of fishing, and are coated green to make them less noticeable to fish. The best!

+ Stays in place on a leader
+ Environmentally friendly tin product
+ Reusable
+ Refillable containers
+ Widely available at fly shops
+ Coated with green paint to make it less noticeable

- Slightly pricier
- Needs to be pried open for reuse

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