Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mama Said Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

Epic Yuba Blowout
The biggest Yuba blowout within the last three years finally happened with the river reaching over 15,000 CFS within a 24-hours. Although the previous 10,000 CFS blowout was decent, this one was able to create a few new contours that will be interesting to fish.

New Sand Bank

The flows have stabilized a bit but the river is still muddy and recovering. As I hiked around I noticed a lot of areas with vegetation facing downstream. From what I observed throughout the day, the flows must have gotten crazy high reaching most of the willows close to the banks. The fish will be eating well.

Right Place. Wrong Fish

I was able to get four hook ups with one landed by high-sticking the seams. The first three felt like nice sized trout that I couldn't bring out of faster water. The last hook up was a beatis eating sucker  that was fun to land.

With a great warming forecast for the next two weeks, I will start focusing on figuring out the warm-water pattern of Ellis Lake. The prespawn will be on and I'm going to catch me a monster out of the crap hole.

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