Sunday, March 6, 2016

March Megastorm Madness

Super Storm Saturday

El NiƱo strikes again with another super storm that ravaged California. We are currently in the eye of the storm and will receive more stormy weather as the month progresses. If this rain keeps up through the entire month of March, California will be much closer to ending the drought. The rivers are roaring and the reservoirs are filling up.

The fishing will most likely be nonexistent for this month but think of it as insurance for the next following years.

Like an excited kid jumping in puddles, I went out to check the destruction of last nights storm.

Yuba River @ 15,000 CFS

Below HWY 20 Bridge

Underneath HWY 20 Bridge

Where The Trail Begins

Above HWY 20 Bridge

Shad Pad

Logs and Timber Float

Raging Yuba

Ellis Lake

High Winds and Broken Trees

Weak Roots

Nearly Missed The Gazebo

From A Different Angle

Feather River

Below 10st Bridge

Feather River Parkway Flows

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