Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Tight Swung Rainbows

Streamer Eater

I took some time to swing flies on the Yuba and was lucky enough to hook and land two beautiful rainbows. While flipping over a few rocks I found a fat juicy short-wing stonefly.

Although I've never fished this hatch before the huge number of shucks along the banks have convinced me to start trying.

Stub-Wing Stonefly

Friday, September 16, 2016

How Do I Fish This: Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake is a shallow turbid pond that is located along Wildwood Avenue in Upper Bidwell Park. This pond was originally built as a reservoir in the 1930s to irrigate the Bidwell Golf Course but was abandoned due to the cost of maintenance.

This pond is stocked with channel catfish every year for the annual Hooked-On-Fishing event that usually takes place in May. Due to the limited clarity of the pond the majority of anglers who fish Horseshoe Lake use bait.
Bait fishing works well for the catfish that inhabit Horseshoe Lake but fly fishing will grant you the opportunity to catch the big three; largemouth bass, channel catfish, and carp.

The very limited fishing opportunities in Chico (BCC closed during the spring, Butte Creek closed most of the year) made Horseshoe Lake the only nearby body of water that I could legally fish during the spring. This lake was very challenging to learn with a fly rod however once I cracked the code the rewards were amazing.

Fly Tying - Chenille Minnow

Chenille Minnow Getting It Done

The chenille minnow is a bit of a specialty fly that I came up with to fish Horseshoe Lake. Snagging and losing flies that take a fair amount of time to tie was a huge issue that I ran into while learning the lake. After a few trial-and-errors I was finally able to design a pattern that was bare-feathers, easy to tie, and most importantly worked.

Monday, September 12, 2016

When In Doubt, Fish The Midge

Late Summer Morning On The MFFR

Fall is beginning to come upon us as the sun begins to rise sooner and set earlier. Although the afternoons are still warm, the mornings are nice and cool. This weekend the missus and I visited the in-laws in Quincy. The MFFR was going to be were I spent the morning the following day after relaxing and visiting with the family. The fall transition is still in its early stage so this visit to the MFFR could have either been a hit or a miss.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

After a bit of a hiatus I am now back to writing more content.

During my hiatus I fished a bit here and there but overall nothing too exciting. A lot of my local options are a bust during August. Despite August being my birthday month I tend to find very few good fishing opportunities during this time. The weather is hot and the summer fishing experience begins to feel "stale" as the weather remains consistent with bluebird skies and long hot days. The fish are over summer and I'm over summer as well.

September is now in the air which means we are getting closer and closer to the fall turnover. Cooler weather and rain could not come any sooner. We can also look forward to the annual salmon run and the trout and steelhead behind them.

So what's been going on the Yuba? Ever heard of a Short-Winged Stonefly? They seem to be everywhere this summer.

Summer Short-Winged Stones