Friday, September 16, 2016

Fly Tying - Chenille Minnow

Chenille Minnow Getting It Done

The chenille minnow is a bit of a specialty fly that I came up with to fish Horseshoe Lake. Snagging and losing flies that take a fair amount of time to tie was a huge issue that I ran into while learning the lake. After a few trial-and-errors I was finally able to design a pattern that was bare-feathers, easy to tie, and most importantly worked.

Chenille Minnow

Materials List:
Daiichi - 2546 - size 6
UNI-Thread - 6/0 - Black
Chenille - Medium - Black
Marabou - Black
Beadchain Eyes

 Fly Tying Instructions
Step 1
Step 1 - Begin by starting your thread and tying on the bead chain eyes. Make a few extra figure eights wraps around the eyes to keep them secure.

Step 2a

Step 2a - Tie in a good clump of marabou. Be sure to wrap close to the plume for the best effect. Cut off the excess.

Step 2b

Step 2b - Use your fingers to pinch off about half of the marabou feathers. You should have about a hooks shank length of marabou.

Step 3
Step 3

Step 3 - Tie in the chenille and begin wrapping the chenille around the hook. Make a few extra wraps behind the bead chain eyes to get a taper then wrap around the eyes a few times.

Step 4

Step 4 - Secure the chenille behind the eye of the hook and whip finish. You can add a drop of zap-a-gap to make sure the thread doesn't come loose.

Extra Information

The chenille minnow works well because it matches the mosquito fish that populate Horseshoe Lake. Although the lake is very turbid, I believe that the black silhouette of the chenille minnow can be seen by the fish during bright light conditions.
Since mosquito fish are a schooling fish I've had success fishing a double streamer rig with two chenille minnows. More often than the not the fish took the trailing pattern. The catfish and bass love this pattern.

The chenille minnow is a specialty pattern because I have not had any luck fishing it anywhere else aside from Horseshoe Lake.

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