Sunday, November 6, 2016

Fort Bragg With The In-Laws The Weekend Visit

Third Visit to Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg has had a long history in the course of my life-time. My first visit to Fort Bragg was when my high school academic decathlon team and I vacationed there during my senior year. Earlier this year I asked my fiancee to marry me there and now we're back for my father-in-law's birthday. It's a small quaint town but a great one.

I love surf fishing. It's so fun. Surf fishing is a great way to spend the day at the beach while the missus entertains herself on the beach. Fort Bragg has quite a few decent beaches to surf fish but the last time I was there the fishing was tough on the fly. The gear I was using wasn't quite up to the task so I didn't have much luck. I could've brought my fly rod with me this time lined with a heavier integrated sinking tip but because this trip was meant for my father-in-law I opted for a spinning rod instead.

Me? With a spinning rod?! It's been so long since I've cast a spinning rod that I was actually looking forward to it; plus I was looking to fill up the cooler.

After getting into fly fishing I've since sold all my gear stuff but my fiancee still had a spinning outfit. A 6ft black and pink medium action Shakespeare rod with an Abu Garcia Cardinal reel. Very manly and it will do just fine.

Pretty Pink Rod

My fiancee and I traveled on Friday and on Saturday we spent the majority of day with the in-laws at Glass Beach. The stairs to Glass Beach #1 have been removed due to possible erosion so if you plan on visiting make sure you're ready for some impromptu off-trailing. Beautiful beach as always.

Once we finished our visit there we had lunch at the Sea Pal Cove and stopped at the bait shop around the corner. I picked up some Gulp Sandworms, swivels, and bait hooks. It was fishing time.
We visited a nearby beach and while my fiancee went to off to lay down in the sun, I went fishing.

That Crazy Asian Guy Trying To Fish The Ocean

The surf wasn't too rough despite an small incoming storm. Just be cautious and careful when in the surf zone.
I have to admit that gear fishing the surf is immensely easier than trying to fly fish it. After a few minutes of casting I hooked my very first silver surf perch. It didn't take too long to figure out what was working and after catching a bunch of silvers and a few redtails I picked up eight silvers for the freezer while releasing the smaller ones.
The red-tails also make great table-fare but they had to be at least 10.5'' and since I didn't have a tape measure handy I just threw them back.
My fiancee, father-in-law, and a group of drunks cheered me on as I continuously pulled fish out.



It was a great trip. Great company, great food, and great weather.
I had a lot of fun on the surf with the spinning rod; as a matter of fact, so much fun that I'm now looking into getting a spinning rod of my own.

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