Saturday, November 19, 2016

Rainy Day On The American

Paradise Beach Combat Fishing

This morning I dropped my fiancee off at the Sacramento Airport where she is flying to visit her brother in Nebraska and since I was already about halfway there, I decided to explore some more of the American River afterwards.

Rain, rain, and more rain. That was the condition I was dealt with this visit. I explored two new river access points this trip: Paradise Beach and Hagan Park.

Good Water But No Fish

Paradise Beach is one of the lower stretches where I was hoping to intercept an incoming fall/winter steelie. As I swung through the single riffle that was there, I had a few nibbles but no solid takes. A few gear anglers were holed up just below the riffle so I wasn't able to hit the entire stretch. I don't know what they were fishing for... salmon? This time of year the only salmon I find are either zombie fish or rotting corpses so I don't know.

Hagan Access No Fish

Hagan Park was the next access I visited. There wasn't a whole lot of water to work with here but at least I had the whole section to myself for a bit. I swung through the two riffles here very carefully making sure to hit each possible bit of water but no luck.

I'm thinking I hit the river a bit too early. The water is not quite cold enough yet. Also I learned today to fish the American during the work week rather than the weekend. There isn't a whole lot of water to work with after the "middle-section" closes so don't hope too much.

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