Sunday, April 30, 2017

Deer Creek (Nevada Co) Fishmas Day

Deer Creek in Tehama County is traditionally were I spend Fishmas Day however because of high flows I decided to spend the day at the other Deer Creek up in Nevada County. The creek was lower than the first time I visited but I opted out on waders this trip because of the missus. Despite not being able to get in the water, I still caught a few fish and managed not to fall into the creek.

Bugs were hatching throughout the day but I couldn't entice any fish to come up; nymphs were the only flies that got the job done. I explored the creek further downstream this visit but couldn't find any fish. Hopefully they will begin spreading out once the flows stabilize and the weather gets warmer.

I'm still waiting for the day when I can fish the creek with dries at summer flows. Overall it was a good opener for me.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Nevada County Creekin'

Living so close to the Lower Yuba has been a real tease this season. As soon as the river begins to come down Mother Nature decides to make it rain causing it to rise again. Hopefully as we approach May the weather will hold so we can gradually watch as the Lower Yuba reveals what its been hiding for the past few months.

A few days ago I was recently struck with trout fever. I needed to wade and fish some cold moving water. With my sickness growing stronger every day, I began scanning through Google maps and the DFG regulations book for open water. This turned my attention to Deer Creek, Wolf Creek, and Squirrel Creek in Nevada county. These three creeks are smaller streams that are less subjected to experience high flows therefore they were viable fly fishing options. However there was one important dilemma, were they open to fish?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

High Flow Scouting On Putah Creek

Putah Creek has been at a stable 900CFS so I thought I'd check it out and give it a go. The creek is generally at around 300CFS and rising this time of year but with all the rain and glory hole spilling over the creek hasn't been fishable all season. I knew my chances of hooking up was low but it was a beautiful day to get out of the house.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Stinson Beach Day

With all of California's rivers and streams still running high and muddy my fly fishing options continue to be limited. For the past few months I've been researching fishing articles, reading online fishing reports, and mapping out new waters to find somewhere where I can wet my line. So far the best options that are within a reasonable drive seem to be Pyramid Lake and the surf. I had just fished Pyramid last weekend so Stinson beach day it was.

The only article about fly fishing Stinson Beach I could find was from Loren Elloit published by Northwest Fly Fishing. Dozens of online reports claim that there are plenty of surf perch to catch along with an occasional bonus striper, halibut, and rare leopard shark.

About a month ago I tried fishing Stinson but left before the prime-time evening bite. I didn't catch anything that day but this time I was determined to catch a fish on the Stinson surf.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My First Successful Pyramid Lake Outing

Fish On Pyramid

The first time I fished Pyramid Lake about two years ago I came unprepared. The only rod I had packed was a 6WT with a floating line and a few versileaders. After only a few hours of fishing my waders started to leak and I had to leave the lake cold, miserable, and fishless.

Last weekend marked my second time fishing Pyramid Lake. This time I came prepared with a brand new 8wt rod, a shooting line with a sink-tip, and a pair of fresh non-leaking waders. I wasn't going home fishless this time.