Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My First Successful Pyramid Lake Outing

Fish On Pyramid

The first time I fished Pyramid Lake about two years ago I came unprepared. The only rod I had packed was a 6WT with a floating line and a few versileaders. After only a few hours of fishing my waders started to leak and I had to leave the lake cold, miserable, and fishless.

Last weekend marked my second time fishing Pyramid Lake. This time I came prepared with a brand new 8wt rod, a shooting line with a sink-tip, and a pair of fresh non-leaking waders. I wasn't going home fishless this time.

The missus and I left Quincy at 9am but didn't get to Pyramid until noon. HWY 70 was covered in fresh unpaved snow from Blairsden up to Portola. There had already been about three accidents in the area so it was better to be safe than sorry.

Snowy 70

Once we arrived on the lake we decided to settle for Pelican Beach. There were quite a few people out but after observing the crowds for a few minutes I could tell that there were fish to be caught. I had planned on only stripping flies this trip.
Initially I started to fish near the rocks in the cove but after noticing that most of these anglers were using indicators I opted for the beach.
I wade fished the majority of the day. I figured I'd catch more fish being the only angler that wasn't sitting or standing on a ladder but it didn't seem to change my luck; I blame my lack of experience rather than my positioning. I ultimately ended up throwing my ugly step ladder out on the water after I got cold and fatigued. It didn't have a comfy chair on it but it did its job and kept me out of the water.

First Pyramid LCT

First Pilot Peak LCT

It was about an hour in before I got my first take. My very first Pyramid Lake Lahontan Cutthroat. It didn't fight and run like a rainbow but it pulled like a truck. Throughout the day I caught about five nice 20'' cutties with my biggest coming at the end of the day.

"Pyramid Lake is so boring but it's also fun" is what I told the missus during a small lunch break. When it's going and you're catching fish it's a lot of fun but when it's slow it's cold and boring as hell. The fishing is relatively easy if you have the right gear and flies so do yourself a favor and get the right set-up. I didn't see anyone leave without catching a least one fish.

Non-Combative Fishing

Although catching fish isn't that difficult on Pyramid, I believe that the overall appeal to the lake is the size of the fish. Giant Lahontan cutthroats in the double digits aren't uncommon and being able to hold one would make any angler come back.

Pyramid Lake is an experience unlike any other and I encourage those who haven't been out there to go check it out. Pyramid Lake is truly a world-class fly fishing destination.

Fish of the Day

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  1. Good job, glad you had a good day. It's a little boring at times, but the best thing about it is being with a couple of good people. The bullshit can certainly make the time fly by!