Saturday, June 17, 2017

Lake Solano Float

Lake Solano is a small lake that is formed by the Putah Creek diversion dam. I have heard mixed rumors that many of Putah's giant trout live in Lake Solano during the year when they aren't spawning. There are very few fishing reports written about Lake Solano so in order to see if what I've heard was true I decided to float it from access five to the bridge.

Long story short, stick to fishing the creek. I saw a few big pike minnows and suckerfish but other than that not a single trout to be found. I'm sure when they use to stock Lake Solano the fishing was phenomenal however it's been almost ten years since the last plant. If there are trout in Lake Solano then they are super elusive and difficult to catch. It was a fun short float though.

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  1. you can see the big trout by the bridge some times in the day time. but if you want a good chance you have to go at night time. if you go to the campground where the swimming area is at night time take a flash light and point it near the banks. you will see the big trout up close feeding. any where from 3 to 8 pounds both rainbow and German brown trout. now you me see them catching them is a whole other story they didn't get that big by being dumb. they are very skittish. if used 2 methods that i have gotten to work. both require just a hook at the end of the line that is it. use a whole night crawler or bread rolled up into a ball on the hook. leave the reel in free spool so they don;t spook and spit the hook. I have heard people say they all so catch them at night with a full moon or close to full with caster masters. i have never done this myself but its what has been said. Good luck to all that read this.