Thursday, November 15, 2018

Thoughts On Crab Snaring & Bodega Bay Crabbing

This past Veterans Day weekend my wife and I spent sometime in Bodega Bay attempting to get away from the wildfire smoke and catch some crab. November is the beginning of crabbing season and from this experienced I've learned that it can be a hit-or-miss.

Crab snaring is a fun way to catch crabs. It's kind of a silly way to catch a crab, snaring it by the legs or claws with monofilament loops while it eats bait in a cage. This technique is one of the significant pros that makes crab snaring worthwhile. However other than the snare itself it's essentially bait fishing which means a lot of patience and luck.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Steelhead Swinging Fever

It's been over a month since I've put my full effort into fly fishing. I've fished a little bit here and there but my heart wasn't into it like it usually was. The question I kept asking myself was how do I top driving around California looking for native trout and catching them in their native drainages? Finding an answer was difficult. Occasionally I looked on Google Maps to find destinations that would be interesting to fish however I didn't feel like it would be quite the same as the Heritage Trout accomplishment that I had achieved. It wasn't until I felt the first raindrops of fall that I started to get the fly fishing spirit back into my body. I believe the best remedy to get back into catching fish is swinging flies for steelhead.

I've been fishing the Feather River for the past couple of weeks on the weekdays strictly swinging flies. Earlier in October the fish were taking caddis patterns however as more and more salmon have made their way upstream the fish are now eating eggs. The amount of returning salmon in the Feather this year is amazing. I've only been fishing the Feather for a couple of years now and this is the most salmon I've ever seen returning to the river. The salmon must be in by the hundreds because I can't swing around them without flossing and losing my flies. An indicator is a good option when trying to fish around the salmon as the presentation is more of a line than a quarter circle swing making it less likely to foul hook a salmon.

Full Of Salmon

So far my catch rate this fall hasn't been very good. I've lost more flies and fish than I've kept and landed. I've been hooking into two or three steelies each visit but they are proving to be quite difficult to land this year however when swinging flies the take is all that matters. Here's to hoping the salmon die off soon because I'm tired of losing flies.