Friday, July 19, 2019

Summer Fly Fishing on Spanish Creek and Middle Fork

Spanish Creek is a small stream that runs through the scenic town of Quincy. This creek flows downstream from it's headwaters near Mt. Pleasant and Spanish Peak where it eventually merges with the North Fork of the Feather River. I've passed through Spanish Creek many times and have fished it near Gasner Park however I have never really took the time to go out of the way and explore it.
The Middle Fork of the Feather River is also reportedly fishing well in the Graeagle/Blairsden area. I've fished this section many times as well during the early opener however have never fished it during its prime.

Rather than taking the typical route of fishing the Hex hatch at Lake Almanor this year I decided to explore Spanish Creek and MFFR to find what lurks in it's waters.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Tenkara Fly Fishing: Fad or Future?

I've been curious about tenkara fly fishing ever since it's first initial introduction to the US several years ago. It essentially takes a minimalist approach to the ever increasing complexity of western fly fishing by limiting an angler to rod, line, and fly. Tenkara's rise to popularity in the west has created controversy of whether or not is considered "real fly fishing" with western anglers seeing it as simply dabbing flies and tenkara anglers seeing it as a true fly fishing due to the lack of a reel therefore not focused on casting special lines.
Every angler will have their own opinion however the most important question to me is, "Is it fun?"