Monday, August 19, 2019

Plumas County Summer Stream Hopping

August can often be one of the warmest months in Northern California. The average temperature this time of the year usually ranges from the low 90s to triple digits making the heat miserable for both anglers and fish. This summer however has been a bit of an exception. The large snowpack that we received during the winter and spring has helped provide cooler water for fish giving anglers more time than previous years to purse their fishy friends.
I spent my last weekend in Plumas County, a recipient of this cool water blessing, and got into some of the best fishing I've had this time of summer in a long time.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

A Trip To Milton Reservoir

Milton Reservoir is a small 12-arce lake within the Middle Yuba River drainage. It sits within the Tahoe National Forest at an elevation of 5650ft and is supposedly managed as part of DFG's wild trout program. The lake is not stocked, has a two fish limit that must be below 12'', and is barbless artificials only.
Hoping to beat the heat and catch a few fish, I decided to explore Milton Reservoir to see if it would be a place worth visiting again.