About Me & Contact

I was the kid who would wander outside catching critters and putting them in tiny spaces. Insects were always the most interesting creatures I collected. They changed appearance as they metamorphosed, they lived in fun places to explore, and they were interesting to observe. From tiny beetles to voracious mantises I spent countless hours of my youth raising, observing, and admiring these small wonders of nature.

Several years later I left home and went to Chico State. A few friends of mine introduced me to spin fishing and after spending some time as a gear angler I finally picked up my first fly rod. My casting was terrible and my presentation couldn't fool a fish even if they were starving however I kept to it because it was challenging and fun.

I eventually learned how to cast, how to catch fish, and most importantly how to enjoy life as a self-taught fly angler. Fly fishing is an amalgamation of both my youth and adulthood. It reminds me of the good ole days and inspires me to continue to explore and experience the world.

My message is simple: Keep Calm and Fly Fish.



  1. Hi Matthew,
    I have just come back from my fourth trip to catch a Redband Trout. Three trips to Swamp creek and my just finished trip to Trout creek. After reading your blog on Trout Creek I was very hopeful that I could catch one of these special California Heritage Trout. You must be a must better fishermen then I because I fished above and below Trout Creek Campground with dry flies and nymphs under an indicator with no luck. If you ever go back to Trout Creek I would love to join you and be very happy to pay you to help me catch just one Redband Trout.
    Best Regards,
    Frank Ferraris

    1. Hi Frank,

      Shoot me an email at keepcalmandflyfish@gmail.com and I'd be happy to go into more specific detail with you on what I did and what I looked for.