Monday, February 23, 2015

Fly Fishing For Bass: Entry #3 - It Has Begun

Location: Ellis Lake and Yuba Goldfields
Time: Afternoon
Weather: Warm with dailies around 65-70 degrees
Water Temp: High 50s Low 60s

There has been a warming trend going around the valley with temperatures near a consistent 65-70 degrees. This has been going on for about three weeks now and I believe it has woken up the fish. The bass are slowly making their way into the prespawn mode. It's starting to get windy which means spring turnover time.

The daylight hours are now around 11 hours, therefore there is some truth to the correlation between bass activity and number of daylight hours. Most of the fish I have found were on shallow flats less than 6ft deep. No bass on beds yet.

I have been using a purple bunny leech with lead eyes. The bunny leech has been working very well and I find that purple has always been the color I've caught the most bass with. I tied one with some flash-a-bou and one without and it seems that the flash got more grabs than no flash. The sample size was small, therefore I will continue to keep testing.
Now that the prespawn bite is on I will begin focusing on being able to catch bass more consistently.

I will be working on:

-Fly patterns that work best
-Fishing different depths with different sinking tips or line
-Locating fish
-Finding when the topwater action starts
-Learning how the wind is my friend
-Figuring out the best retrieve

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