Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Chico Shad Slows Down For Now

Chico Shad

Last week the shad fishing was really good but has since started to slow down. Perhaps the cooling front that is currently in the valley has slowed down the bite. The fish are there but it seems like they aren't as aggressive. Hopefully there will be a nice push of shad coming through Chico soon.

On Tuesday I fished a different section of the Washout but all I caught was a little pike minnow. I switched back to the spot that I usually fish and the bite was really slow despite there being several anglers out. There were only two shad caught from what I observed. Throughout the evening I had three or four hits but nothing committed except a little striper.

Lil Striper

My switch rod casting has leveled up!
I can cast further and cleaner with less line hang ups, although there is still room for improvement. Nothing feels more bad ass than casting a double handed rod and doing it well. The casting was the most fun, the fish catching was just a bonus.

Double Handed Power
The wind has picked up again and the carp fishing will probably be a bust until the wind dies down. I haven't looked around yet but they should be in spawn mode. I'm am itching to catch some carp soon...

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