Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Breaking On Putah Creek

The Prettiest Spot On Putah Creek

Spring has sprung and today officially marks my first day on spring break; the teaching profession definitely has its pay-offs. The Yuba is still high at 4,000 CFS, the Feather is getting cranked up to 6x it's normal flow, and the Truckee is fishing well but is two hours away. Not a lot options at the moment but I do love Putah Creek...

Lush Green Hills

The morning was a bit windy and cold but the afternoon was warm and sunny. The creek was full of life today with lizards scurrying around, woodpeckers knocking on trees, and waterfowl floating the flows. The hills that were burnt by last years Wragg Fire are coming back to life with greenery from one hill to the next. It was a beautiful day out on Putah Creek.

First Fish of the Day

Putah Creek flows have been cranked up to a decent 100 CFS which made my day much more productive. The creek is still off-color a bit but the clarity has improved since I visited the creek last week.
Fly selection was absolutely critical this trip. All of my fish came off one specific fly pattern in a specific color and size.
After hooking and landing my first fish of the day, I had trouble finding the next one. I went through several patterns using different techniques but nothing was happening. Finally, I looked in my fly box and thought, "What the hell, the same fly worked earlier... maybe changing the color will work." My next cast is a take; my first Putah 20incher of the year!

Big Ole Putah

The same fly caught me fish all day, though they were mostly just pretty little babies. I'm still working on mastering Putah Creek and so far it's been quite the journey. With different flows throughout the year to adapt to, I feel like I am only just beginning to understand where, when, and why.

Pretty Babies

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